Twenty years later Somalia politics show toward negotiations

Twenty years later Somalia politics show toward negotiations

After Salaan, Somalia experienced 20 years of total security and social collapsed. Clans, warlords and individuals setup their own fake laws to guarded their own people while directly punished other people  without guns that happened to lived same region. They even came up kangaroo counts to concealed criminals. All crimes taken place in Awdal region co-sided with clan political events and each time new crimes indented to make people forget about the one happened before it. No one actual knows why criminals go free in clan world but there was a clear indication some politicians alone with their clan-men some how worked together to scored political points. Regardless of who committed these crimes it has SNM fingerprint;therefore, no need any remain in it. No single crime had solved due to clan loyalty and its clan authority agenda. Criminals walked free like cowboys wearing big hats while carried guns into their two front buckets. They didn’t shy away from one of the respected cultural areas like travelers.
First time in 20 years, clan based authorities and individuals came to realized what they had refused to pay attention in 1990s are what they all have to work on today. It’s undeniable today how Somalia situation looks to separated one Somali area from another using any means from South to North, historic ideas or locations can be as hard as separating United State of America. Negotiations are open and it’s the only the idea every Somalia province or region can able to do if an honest Somali authority come out. The reasons are many but some facts that supporting why Somalia can’t be separated are follow:
people know what let to some Northern exploring the unworkable method of separation was based of anger  from what Somalia military authority had done in late 1980s.  The idea of broken Somalia was determined and came from one single spot that’s why it was exaggerated so much so it finally defeated itself. It self defeated since broken from Somalia wasn’t entirely from North Somalia communities decision. It self defeated because it brought huge crimes and economic downturn for non SNM communities. To understand more about North Somalia issues, how would you felt every Month your communities were attacked all times and those behind it go free.  Imagine you tried to defend yourself, a clan dictator and his pure clan gunmen shutdown cities because guns  was the only one made the day after all.  LasAnod and Borama were the two cities were experienced such a situations. But there are hope now after London and Istanbul Somali politician gathering, Somali clan leaders maybe watch by international community which had enough with lawlessness in Somalia. The question is, will Somalia ever get an honest Parliament and a honest leader that bring Somalia together piece by piece in the future or will we see the same old self centers and money mongers while children die on the streets? Only the time will tell and we all hope this time around people are ready for real peace.
while people in Awdal region mourned their lost one after another, not one or two but more than three times including the worse crimes ever taken place Somali soil,careless individuals that make few dollars without dignity lied to SNM communities that people in Awdal region are still support SNM. Same man who called himself Awdalis whom they let him set on clan chair to keep SNM clan together yet again was powerless to do any on travelers case shamelessly campaign in Borame recently. Believe me, people are there for money making with no dignity. People worked for SNM now and before won’t bring us anything other than middle between us or tarnishing awdalstate reputation. Nevertheless, worse times also brings some good things. It become clear to many Awdals abroad and living Awdal region their lost are too great, it produced peaceful Awdalstate of Somalia declared. The purposed of Awdalstate wasn’t to speak it’s people and inform the world community we ‘re not parts of single clan administration decorating itself an old name Somaliland. Now no other avenue for Somalia accept provincial, regional and clan negotiations.


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