congratulations ,Felicitation

congratulations ,Felicitation

I am the daughter of Rashid Aw-Nur Hersi and i wanted to congratulate my dad known as the president of Awdal-State of Somalia. I just wanted to say i always knew since Awdal-State came alive he was active to it and worked hard and hard to take of the so many obstacles or risks for Awdal-State to be recognized and known, so basically he took off the sheets that blocked Awdal-State to becoming so much more !!! Us knowing that he is the president is amazing and we are great-full to that he will lead the whole entire nation to the right path and he will do it with honor and therefore i pledge to that promise and that he will be the best of the best-est presidents ever known !!! I am only 12 years old and i knew he’d win the position of president cause he work’s and will continue working harder and harder for all of us cause my dad our president is strong and really intelligent and we all know that !!! i am really great full, happy, but one things comes first serious proud of my dad achieving he’s goal and i wish i was there with him to see he’s smile and the way he would laughed seeing him reach and accomplish hes dream.Well my dream is seeing my dad happy and proud at all times and now i will have my dream is to see our leader, president MY father with the power to lead us as Muslims , Somalians the kids (Canadians) to do the right things and to teach us the way to go. I am happy,excited and again not surprised !! hahaha love you dad hug’s and kiss’s and congratulations, felicitation.Cher papa !!!
thankx for everyting abo !!!! love you !!! have a great trip

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