A-Hindi’s Top 10 list of twisted Logic by the Somaliland Group

A-Hindi’s Top 10 list of twisted Logic by the Somaliland Group

Help Wanted: Separating Somaliland from Somalia’s Land.
It is two different societies: We are from Somaliland and they are from Somalia’s land.
The people of [khatumo and Somaliland] are so related that we have to Kill them with our tanks.
The SSC-Land is a Somaliland, But the SSC-people are from Somalia’s land
The Land does not move but the people do move
A single [Horgale] Minority vote adequately represents a Thousand Majority Vote in SSC Khatumo region ONLY !
[SSC People] should Join us in our ambition of secession or we will kill them.
Awdal State people should Join us in our ambition of secession or we will [continue] to kill them.
Galmudug State: I don’t care whatever you do… just glad you are not my neighbor.
Take away “Land” from SSC Land = [Somaliland]2


Both are “Lands” of Somalia proper and thus are in-separable, Separating Somalia from it’s [self] “Land” is futile.
No difference in originating from the same “Land” ‘Language’ ‘Religion’ and more…
So much for inter-marriages and relatives: Mass murder in Cayn and Invasion of Sool Region continues.
Somehow the “Land” is different and removed from its own rightful inhabitants _“people”
Geographically speaking, as the World rotates on its axle, the “Land” actually moves. Additionally, if the above logic holds, then Somalia’s borders [as a Federal Land ] does not move, but Somaliland people can move
Only in SSC Khatumo region does this apply. A very different story in other Somaliland communities.
Either Or fallacy: Should Federal Somalia fight Somaliland because it doesn’t want to Join the Federation ? Unlike Silanyo’s trigger happy attitude, The current Somali President said he prefers peaceful negotiations.
Same as No. 7
Ethnocentrism of Somaliland towards “Southern Somalia” is evident here. Because if Galmudug folks were neighbors of Somaliland and like SSC people, fell within the outdated British protectorate Borders, in the interest of secession, would Somaliland Invade and murder Galmudug communities? If yes, what do you think would be the attitude of our current Somali Government in Mogadishu ?
The actual math is: (Land – SSC Land ) = SSC

A. Hindi: soolsanaagcayn@gmail.com

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