The arrogant and petty SNM leaders have shown complete disregard to the needs and interests of the Samaron and their awdal province

The arrogant and petty SNM leaders have shown complete disregard to the needs and interests of the Samaron and their awdal province


When our people witnessed Mr. Siranyo and his tyrant militia could not spell the words of fairness in service, justice in distribution and responsibility for all people. When our people realized that clan based administration in hargiesa has no values for them. When they realized that they have no option except for force to withdraw from support they have had.  . And finally our struggle started which was not only based about freedom but also survival as people and culture.                                                                                        It is vintage awdal state doing what needs to be done in a deliberate and intelligent manner. Since their inception, the folks of an awdal state have gone about building their organization, finding common ground with others and laying a firm and solid foundation to move our quest for freedom and dignity in a purposeful manner. Their accomplishment for the last two years speaks volumes to their ability as leaders of a new style of struggle that is beginning to bear fruit.                                                                                          As the formation of awdal state is a monumental achievement in the annals of our struggle. It is a milestone in the evolution of our struggle to be free and democratic.                                                                                It is a brand new day in awdal. Our struggle is entering a new phase. It is a necessary phase imposed upon our people by the belligerent and lawless militia. It was not an easy decision for the Front to make. No one relishes the idea of an armed confrontation especially with one’s own brothers and sisters but there comes a time when self-preservation becomes a vital issue. The short announcement makes that fact clear.                                                                                                                                                                            The SNM militia has been in power for over years now. The last two years have been a period of destabilization, conflict and agony for our people. Silanyo tried to establish a conflict between the two ethnic Brothers of samaron and Isse .No one can deny that. The result of this chaotic and illegal system is laid in front of us.  Our state is survives in famine and poverty, our youth are scattered all over the Sahara desert of Libya where thousands of youngsters’ life has lost in the ocean due to escaping in justice, poverty, etc resulted from SNM’s/silanyo’s tyranny. Therefore, this situation necessitated the formation of Awdal state and become an important component of our struggle. The awdalian people have tried every avenue open to let the SNM know that the monopoly of power is not conducive to a just and harmonious system. Our people have bent backwards to accommodate the militia to change its aggressive ways. Intellectuals. Elders, cultural leaders and a few awdalian representative of to what they called parliament and others have tried to mediate. The arrogant and petty SNM leaders has shown complete disregard to our needs and concerns.                                                                                                            The dictator SNM leader silanyo even used to taunt as to try fighting back. We are patient people. But despite the failings of the last few years we are also brave people. At long last we have decided to stand our ground and defend our people from evil. Self-defense is a God given right to every human being. It is time we in Awdalian people exercise that right.                                                                                                             We celebrate those that are still trying to let the SNM regime know their peaceful intentions to bring change. It is to no one’s interest to shed blood in anger. The death of a single Awdalian should be avoided at all cost. That can only happen when there is the rule of law in that administration. It could not come about by an administration based on a single clan group, by an institutions hell bent on monopolizing army, commerce, communications and politics by a chosen few.                                                  Awdal state is our shield. Awdal state will prove to the arrogant SNM army and security there will be consequences to aggression. As anything started by the seasoned leaders of Awdal state there is no question  awdal state leaders are the sons of awdal and fathers to its rebirth  There is no question in my mind that the AWDALIAN people will take AWDAL STATE into their fold, love and nurture it. Our wish has been fulfilled and SNM nightmare has just started.                                                                                              There will be those that will try to belittle our effort and mock our resolve. Some are still dividing samaron into what they called three stones .Some will accuse the Diaspora of fanning the flames of war. No matter the die has been cast and the long journey has started. It is sad that in this day and age we have to pick up arms instead of the diplomacy to bring change. But one cannot choose his battle. This has been forced upon us. We have waited too long to respond in kind. Once we have started the process our job is to try to make it a short and less costly endeavor. Our responsibility is to encourage, support in any way possible and push our family, friends and the international community to stand with us at this time of great need.                                                                                                                                                                   We are greeting the combatants of awdal state leaders for their sacrifice on our behalf. We want them to know they are in our hearts and minds every waking moment of our life. We promise we will do all that we could in our part to help them achieve the goal of liberating our mother land from the clutches of darkness. And a new days has begun

       Written by Dagal Ducale and he can be reached at /


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    February 28, 2013 at 7:30 am

    waxaan cod dheer ku leeeyahay aawdalstate hanoolaato lkn wllo waxaa wacan in dadka runta loo sheego oo aan la lu goyn waayo waxaan joognaa waa xili xun sida aaad dibada gacmaha isu haysataan in dalkana keentaan

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