Taleex Airport opens the region to international travelers & Diaspora tourism

Taleex Airport opens the region to international travelers & Diaspora tourism

Khatumo State Gains Access to International Air Travel


The recent opening of Taleex airport in Khatumo
State of Somalia with its first inaugural arrival
flight on 4th Dec 2012 has ushered in a new phase
in the development of region. The flight
originated from the capital city Mogadishu (which
in itself is enjoying a rebirth of freedom &
security). This is the first flight of many planned
by Khatumo officials who were responsible
planning and organizing the air travel facility for
the region.

Taleex airport has been named after the great Somali Nationalist hero Sayyid Mohamed Abdalla Hassan, who
was the leader of the libration movement to oust the colonial British rulers from Somalia and it is fitting symbol
for other regions in Somalia to focus on developing their respective states & cities in order to have a greater
impact and speed up the rate of development and recovery of the Somali Federal Republic.

The new travel corridor from Mogadishu to Taleex creates potential economic impact in Khatumo state due the
concept of “Diaspora Tourism”. This type of tourism is attracting the overseas Somalis who hail from this
region, to come for short term visits either as individuals or bringing their whole families, so that their children
reconnect with their roots and have a better understanding of their place in the world. The cash flow brought
by these returnees will be able to sustain new hotels, restaurants and other business that target serving the
visitors. The economic multiplier effect shall generate local employment right down to the livestock nomad and
the farmer providing fresh produce.

The flight is a reflection of the management team behind Khatumo state organization, dedicated, corruption-
free and if they maintain this cruising altitude, then Khatumo State of Somalia will be one of the new rising
stars in the reborn & improved Somalia.

By Ahmed Hashi ( ahashi03@yahoo.com)

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