The Monstrous Monkey from Djibouti is Finally Barred in its Cage..!!

The Monstrous Monkey from Djibouti is Finally Barred in its Cage..!!

For many decades, it danced and lied to the Somalis everywhere. It looked for loots and jumped in the graves in destructed Somalia. Last week, it was chased, cornered and caged in Zeila. It was then sent to Djibouti in iron shackles.It peeped back through the iron bars with weird red eyes. Applause from the brave crowds who chanted in victory with their traditional dances of Hiriimaadee, Wilwile, Zeilici and more.

No more lies, no more cover ups and no more monkey dances. The bell is now right on that monkey’s neck and it rings in loud warning notes everywhere in Somalia clearing the cheats into the history archives. In the present circumstances, one could describe Somalia as one of the unfortunate countries in the world. It is went through a quarter of a century of disasters when the grounded ruins are ironically up for auction sale. The front runner bidders in that sale include the tiny state of Djibouti, Ethiopia and the IDAD disguised block.

Last week, large number of the Djibouti population was mass transported across the border to Northern Somalia. The border authorities reported a week long human traffic of hundreds of trucks. These were proper citizens of Djibouti and they needed neither visas nor any other foreign country entry clearance and requirements. Worse than that, they came to cast their votes in a foreign country, Somalia. They were also given large land space to mount their temporary tents for the voting time. The purpose was a land grap but the sale plan with a large budget of millions of dollars miserably failed.
Where in the whole world such a fiasco is possible? Only Djibouti and its leader is the answer. Fortunately, the courageous concerned citizens of the land heroically struggled to defend their territory. They deserve every word of praise as thery fought the invaders who boasted with plenty logistical supplies such as large water tanks, plenty of food and drinks. The natives defeated the invaders with a heavy blow with will and courage in difficult circumstances but in higher morals. They sent a very strong message to those who thought they could buy it cheap. Not that cheap is the message, now the invaders and their financier can hear it clear and loud.

Somalis require visas to go into Djibouti, Kenya and Ethiopia but the citizens of these countries don’t need entry and exit clearance into Somalia territories. Once the most powerful respected country and people in the Horn of Africa lost its character as a state. What ..a sad.. sad.. sad story. That is why Ismail Omer and his likes in Kenya and Ethiopia are looking for a share. The so called Somali politicians compete in the auction with total disregard of their country’s territorial integrity. Few days ago the foolish new Somali president was in Djibouti to get his first cheque, a visit many Somalis were anticipating even before he went there.

Shame on the Djibouti leader, the faceless man who is very busy in taking advantage of the losses of his brothers…the somalis. Somalis were those who helped Djiboutians every step on the way on the struggle for Independence. He should not have rewarded Somalis in that way in their difficult times. However, Djibouti politicians see the whole campaign as a cover up for his internal problems. He could not provide the basic living services such as water and electricity to his people … Forget hospitals, roads and schools.

The big belly Ghelle is involved in the Jubba region issue where rebel groups deny Somali administration, favouring Kenayn one. There are foreign players behind the screen whose aim is to control and use the important kismayo port for the south Sudan oil export. Ghelle of Djibouti is blind in the long term but dances in the middle floor in his short sight with tribal murky and monkey business.
Somalia , though self destructed, is an internationally recognised state with political geography which covers all aspects of boundaries and voting jurisdictions. The Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States was a treaty signed on December 26 1933.The convention set out the definition, rights and duties of statehood. Most well-known is Article 1, which set out four criteria for statehood to possess: (a) a permanent population;(b) a defined territory;

The feeble minded Djibouti dictator has always lived in illusion and fantasy. He mounted the Djibouti flag in Zeila, inside proper Somalia borders in 1991 when the Somali government collapsed. Surprisingly it was Somalia and its people that helped the birth of the hostile flag. What a leader could do that?
Finally, on November 29, 2012, Ismail got the message of the people in the northern Somali coasts. They said it loud and clear. Can he hear it? Dictators have no ears. They hear it only when they hit their head on the wall and cry in agony. That is coming soon and history will be the witness.


Osman Elmi

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  1. amina Reply

    December 6, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    Salamou alaikoum dear brothers and sisters
    first of all praise be to Allah.
    I Thank allah for the people that has stand up against the so called “Somaliland” and finally decide to build their own state while maintaining their original country Somalia with their fellow countryman.
    The think that worries me my dear cousins is that Awdal is just the samarron.
    I am not born in somalia but in djibouti,my parents are. I ha’ve been living most of my life in Europe but never give up the hope to go back one day incha allah to Somalia.My point is please stop tribalism and work for everyone.Awdalstate should be there for the people who live there or who came from originally. Can anyone update me in what’s happening with the new formed Awdalstate government?jazaka allh in advance.

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