Dahabshiil – Facts, Violations and terrorism.

Dahabshiil – Facts, Violations and terrorism.
The Djiboutian singer Nimo Djama accused Dahabshiil company of putting
a three million dollar bounty for her death.
“Dahabshiil Bank, Ottawa branch has been assigned to assassinate me.
They have received three million dollars to carry out the
assassination. Dahabshil or Dhiigshiil wants to kill me. I’ve informed
the Canadian law enforcement agencies. They installed cameras in my
home “Said Nimo Djama in an audio interview on Oct 13, 2012. Listen
the interview


Nimo Djama, aka the mother of Djiboutian singers, is a popular figure,
and was part of the independence struggle in her country, but fled
from Djibouti after being arrested by the administration of president

The well known Somali singer Sado Ali Warsame who overthrown said
Barre regime with her songs also accused Dahabshiil of putting a two
million dollar bounty for her death, shortly after she released a song
called Dahabshiil ha dhigan (don’t deposit with Dahabshiil). Watch the
song and interview

Concern over Dahabshiil’s threat, which lost around 70% of its
customers, resulted reinforcement of Sado’s security. Sado Ali is now
a member of Somalia Parliament.

Leader of the Somaliland opposition party, New UCID, Faysal Ali Warabe
admitted that Dahabshiil funded Somaliland political parties during
2010 presidential election.

“Owner of Dahabshiil gave me money during the election; he was the one
who paid most of my campaign expenses. He also funded the campaigns of
Kulmiye and Udub parties. I asked him to take a neutral position when
it comes between me and Silanyo,the current President of Somaliland, but I believe he paid Silanyo five times more than he paid me” Said Faysal Ali Warabe in an interview with Dahir Alasow on Sept 28, 2012 at Hotel Bisi in Den Haag.

Faysal confirmed in the A/V interview which lasts 70 minutes that Dahabshil
funds political parties in Somaliland. Watch the interview here

Silanyo administration in Somaliland committed such violations as
murder, detention and displacements. The administration waged attacks
in Kalshale and Buhodle. The same administration detained 57
journalists in accordance with reports of the Journalists’ advocacy
organizations. Some of these journalists were tortured badly.

President of Galmudug State Mohamed Ahmed Alin, a member of the Somali
Roadmap signatories accused Dahabshiil of being the main financier and
mastermind of the elimination of Galmudug State in and interview with
VOA Somali Service on August 01, 2012. He asked Somaliland to refrain
such intervention. Dahabshil CEO Abdirashid Mohamed Dualeh reacted on
the interview. Listen the interview here

On Feb 2, 2012 Darwiish TV broadcasted a video showing protesters in
Buhodle town, accusing Dahabshil of financing Silanyo administration’s
atrocities against residents in Buhodle, Kalshale and Las Anod. Watch
the video here
http://youtu.be/-IntcuG16Vo. Some of the interviewees
accused Dahabshiil of buying armored vehicles and arms for Silanyo
administration fighters.
Somali Channel TV and Odweynenews.com published demonstrations held in
Berbera town on Jan 14, 2012 by disabled members of Soyal organization
which represents fighters of SNM front. They accused Dahabshil of
violations in their areas.

“Dahabshil CEO wants to take over the only real estate property we
have, our HQ building. We’d like to let him know that he’ll pay the
price should he not abandon from this sinister act” said by the
protestors. Watch the video here http://youtu.be/L7hNh3khUz4.

People in Berbera protested on March 05, 2012 against Dahabshil’s
forceful takeover of Berbera Cement factory. Watch it here

Awdal TV published on June 22, 2012 a video showing students in Borama
Town accusing Dahabshil of inciting fights in north Somalia and
support of Al Shabaab. Watch it here http://youtu.be/YIt_H8itmMU.
People who fed up with Dahabshiil published a video on June 20, 2012
showing protesters destroying its billboards in Borama. Watch it here

On July 16, 2012 Council of Somali Traditional elders accused
Dahabshiil in a press conference in Mogadishu that it is interfering
politics, and asked Dahabshil to stay away from its threat against
independent media. Watch it here http://youtu.be/e7IrG8LTKug.

Anonymous, a group of computer hackers, waged war branded Internet war
on Terror against Dahabshil. They published all the information of
its clients in their server Database. Anonymous warned Dahabshiil that
they’ll continue the war unless Dahabshil publicly admits its support
toward Al Qaeda. Anonymous justified its war with a fact that
Dahabshil’s Pakistan Manager has been detained at Guantanamo Bay.
A court in the State of Minnesota convicted Dahabshiil that it sends
money to Al Shabab Somalia by using women as senders. The women were
sentenced for long jail terms. Read here
New indictments unsealed in al Shabaab investigation
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Awdalstate News Office
Source of information: WaagaCusub.com

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