Bayaan From The Waqooyi Diaspora Forum

Bayaan From The Waqooyi Diaspora Forum

The Waqooyi Diaspora proposed and encouraged the Lasanod, Hargeisa and Borama to hold conference in those respective cities. The agenda is to discuss the Waqooti Unity Stand and the revival of the 1960 spirit of the independence and the unity.

It’s in the interest of the Waqooyi people to discuss and consul their issues among themselves and find out grounds for unity that leads to better future. Though currently there was disunity among the Waqooyi Tribes but still the Waqooyi Diaspora very much hopeful that the people and the administrations will talk to each other for the common interest of the people.

We also propose to the newly elected Somali President, Parliament and Premier to encourage the Waqooyi leaders to settle their difference for the common interest of the Somali people and for successful future. There is a big responsibility on the shoulders of the newly elected parliament and the government to reach the depth of the Somali problems which might go back the same repetition.

It’s a part of the general Somali dialogue to find common grounds the problems that affected the Somali people and led into stateless and chaos. The Waqooyi issue is a critical thorny issue and any miss calculation may lead into unthinkable and unimaginable point of no return.

The new Somali President, Parliament and the Premier are under microscopic in the eyes of the world community and Somali people how the newly elected entities will handle the general Somali problems and in particular the Waqooyi thorny issue.

The Waqooyi Diaspora and the International Community will monitor the situation and the new changes in Somalia and how they will be different from previous administrations. The Waqooyi Diaspora will organize and hold Waqooyi Conference in the summer of June 26, 2013 in the city of London, England. The main topic of the agenda will be the revival of the 1960 spirit of the independence and unity.

God helps those who help themselves

Hassan Abtidon

Spokesman for Waqooyi Diaspora

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  1. M.H.Buraleh Reply

    March 26, 2013 at 3:47 am

    When and where this so called Waqooyi Form exist,sure is another Iidoor mischief,stop it don’t even talk about it.

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