Waqooyi Diaspora Forum Press Release

Waqooyi Diaspora Forum Press Release

Forum Press Release

The Somaliland Police Chief claimed and stated in his press release in Hargeisa that his department has recovered a catch of large quantity of weapon and ammunition in one of the houses in Borama the capital of Awdal Region. The press release was made in Hargeisa without answering the questions put forward by the press members and the suspicion and the motive surrounded about his claims.  

The elders and the entire authorities in the Awdal Region categorically denied the chief’s claims of ammunition stockpile in one of the houses in Borama. The peaceful people of Awdal Region could not figure out the baseless and the tribal motive behind the chief’s claims whilst the region’s law enforcement could not understand how this happened without their knowledge and participation.

Thanks to traditional elders, the homegrown efforts not only manage peace and security with neighboring communities and countries but also the first judicial function after the collapse of Somali Government in 1991as a prevention measures which adapted later by some regions of Somalia. This is the only region prevented its people to slip into civil war and led the former British colony into peace and functioning entities which was born out of Borama Conference in 1995.

 Later this homegrown peaceful was injected other parts of Somalia. The first university was founded (Amoud University which was unthinkable and unimaginable among the Somalia people in the Diaspora and Home and got the attention of local youth from barrel of gun to education), and now many regions adapted the Awdal way of homegrown Development.

The lineage of the Awdal people is part of Djibout population and dominant in the Eastern Part of Ethiopia with peace and tranquility with communities and countries in the Horn of Africa Region.

Many aid workers were killed and kidnapped in Somaliland between 2002 and 2010. These martyrs were on humanitarian mission to help the people of Somalia. In this period the Al-Shabab were active to carry on those murderous activities. But since the new Somaliland government took over the power nothing has happened and the Al-Shabab activities were ceased in Somaliland administrative areas. Those who were murdered between the periods were:

  1. The German who was kidnapped in Ergavo of Sanag Region
  2. The Kenyans Aid workers who slaughter between Hargeisa and Berbera
  3. The British Couple who were murdered at Shiekh District. This couple came to help the young people from barrel of gun to education.
  4. The murder of Anelina Toneli who founded the Deaf School in Borama. She helped many deaf people to go along with their lives and communicates with people and figure out their needs. The people of Awdal make Remembrance Day in every year.
  5. The Swiss man who killed in Hargeisa on 2003
  6. The explosives founded before the Somaliland parliamentary election in 2005
  7. The Al-Shabab Terrorists who were captured at Doqoshi in 2003
  8. The devastated explosions for the Ethiopian Mission in Hargeisa, the President Palace and the humanitarian agency the UNDP in 2010.

The Somali people and the world community stressed that the blood of martyrs of these people will not be in vain and they hope that one day the justice will be served and those responsible will be brought before the justice to answer the crime they had committed and the pain and agony to the families of murdered humanitarian workers. The authorities in the region did nothing to identify or bring to justice the killers.

The souls of these innocent people will be honored and high regard and we send their families with our greetings and love and say to them their blood won’t go in vain, and this is not be out of spite but out of the right as right is never lost unless it is abandoned by its holders.

In addition to that, Journalists are often the first to expose the reality of the events and committed crimes against humanity and the suffering of vulnerable people. But media workers are also targeted in those areas that undermined the human value.

Obviously these are calculated and organized crimes that were targeted for those innocent individuals and couples. So we ask the Arusha ICC of African Branch to investigate, charge and try people suspected of those crimes and those who planned behind the seen.


We hope strong faith for the families of the murdered humanitarian aid workers

Hassan Abtidon

Waqooyi Diaspora Forum

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