Press Release: Journalists link Dahabshiil to the death of Waagacusub and Sunatimes journalists – Facts

Press Release:  Journalists link Dahabshiil to the death of Waagacusub and Sunatimes journalists – Facts – Three men, armed with pistols stopped Abdirahman Mohamed Ali, Director
of Waagacusub media, together with a man and a woman near the blood
factory in Mogadishu Suqa Holaha district on 26 September, 2012.  The
armed men forced abdirahman and the two people to get in a nearby car
and subsequently blind folded them.  According to survivors’ accounts,
all of them were taken to unknown posh house where they’ve undergone
stiff interrogation.
Abdirahman was asked whether the group know each
other.  He told them that they’ve just met in a bus.  An unarmed man
asked Abdirahman to provide the username and the password of, but he told them that he doesn’t know anything about
these, and that he works the administrative section of waagacusub
media.  According to the other two people who’ll remain anonymous
because of their security, the abductors asked Abdirahman to call the
webmasters of Waagacusub and Sunatimes and ask them to remove the
information received from the hacked Dahabshil Database Server.  “Do
you know the name and the telephone number of Sunatimes correspondent
in Mogadishu, and he replied yes” said the survivors.  The survivors
also reported that the abductors took Abdirahman from the room they’ve
interrogated him.  Eye witnesses who saw Abdirahman being abducted
told ASOJ that one of the three armed abductors by the name Mohamed is
a member of Dahabshiil Security guards.
The decapitated body of Abdirahman Mohamed Ali was found on 27
September, 2012 near Barwaqo Restaurant, Suqa Holaha district, while
the other two hostages were thrown out from a car at Wahara Adde
location.  They told ASOJ that they were unharmed.
Gunmen killed the editor of the English language website Sunatimes on
28 September, 2012, just a day after the decapitated body of
Abdirahman has been recovered. 
ASOJ strongly believes that the editor, Ahmed Abdullahi Fanah was killed as a result of information
obtained from Abdirahman.  Hours after the death of Fanah, the
chairman of ASOJ Dahir Alasow received through his postal address a
threat document from Bird & Bird LLP, solicitors representing
Dahabshiil that they’ll file a lawsuit against him, if he doesn’t
remove the information received from the hacked Dahabshiil Database
server from and
Killings and threats were taking place a week after the Associated
Somali Journalists (ASOJ) obtained information pertaining to a
clandestine meeting held by Dahabshiil’s most top officials in
Hargaysa.  The secret meeting decided three million dollars bounty on
Dahir Alasow’s head.A resident in Breda, Netherlands sent a text message to Mr. Alasow,
stating that Dahabshiil hired him to execute Alasow, and he’ll be
spending $ 100,000 for Alasow’s killing.  He is now under police
custody for further investigation.
Dahabshiil which failed a lawsuit against Waagacusub editor has been
out since 2009 to fight Somali independent media, especially
waagacusub.  Dahabshil with the help of Somaliland government has
successfully achieved to block 36 websites including waagacusub from
somalilands Somtel and Telesom ISPs.  These websites published
information from Dahabshil Database server hacked by a group known as
ASOJ is legally registered in Netherlands and Somalia, and therefore
reiterates that Dahabshiil orchestrated the death of Waagacusub
director Abdirahman Mohamed Ali and the editor of Sunatimes Ahmed
Abdullahi Fanah.  ASOJ is optimistic that the court hearing in
November will be the beginning of the end of Dahabshiil’s violations
against Somali journalists.  ASOJ calls upon UN agencies to think
about their business relationship with Dahabshiil, and avoid nurturing
Dahabshiil to harm innocent Somali journalists in the future.  ASOJ
calls upon the Somali Federal government and the international
community to protect the Somali journalists.  ASOJ conveys its
heartfelt condolence to the families of all deceased Somali
By Faduma Farah
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