Awdal State Presss Release

Awdal State Presss Release

Subject: The talks between “The Somaliland “and Somalia
Date: 19/04/12
To : All Parties Concerned,

Awdalstate of Somalia (Gabiley, Awdal, and Salal regions) of north of Somalia (Former British Somaliland) first welcome and fully supports the TFG and other international community for their initiatives on the reconciliation process to find a long lasting peace for the Somali people. Awdalstate of Somalia also supports every effort the TFG endeavers to bring back the unity and the dignity of Somali nation.


Having said that, the only such major clan-related conflict at the moment is the one raging in North West Somalia – “Somaliland” between the Isaaq clan dominating the secessionist SNM militia based in Hargeisa and the unionist Gadabursi clan hailing from Awdalstate (Gabiley, Awdal and Salal regions) and other non Isaaq unionist clans.


The fundamental problem between the secessionist clan and others are not solely over the Somali unity but also their right to decide their own future. Every community has the right to decide their own destiny. What the secessionist clan has done and continue to do is to flagrantly trample on these regions rights to self-determination, occupy their land and Force them to join their secessionist.

Every body has seen the atrocities and brutal savage killing of a peaceful innocent people in Awdal region whose bodies Were mutilated and dismembered their criminal act.


This is unacceptable and therefore this “Somaaliland” administration does not in any way represent the territory and the people of Awdalstate regions.

Awdalstate of Somalia would like to state that we are completely against the “Somaliland” baseless claim over the Awdalstate regions and other non- Isaaq communities. On the other hand, 95 percent of Awdal people fully support and rally behind the Awdalstate of Somalia. Our president was elected by Awdal people and welcomed by the TFG and the Somali people when he recently visited in Mogadisho (capital of Somalia).

Coming to the talks between the “The Somaliland” and Somalia we would like to draw the attention of all concerned parties that the talks will never produce any progress if TFG and international community consider the so called “Somaliland” as the only representative of the northern region of Somalia.

Finally in the events, the Awdalstate of Somalia and other unionist clans of the northern region of Somalia are not present at the talks, the TFG and other international community should know that the representative from “Somaliland” are only representing and speaking for their own clan and not for our people and our territory.

We look forward to a peaceful resolution and Awdalstate would like to contribute in achieving that vision.

The Ministry of Interior of Awdalstate of Somalia.


Mr: Ali Farah Hasharo

Allaa Mahad Leh

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